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The House system at NHA is designed to connect students, teachers, and staff through a common identity, and activity.

Our four different house groups are based on mountain ranges:

Aravali,      Nilgiri,        Shivalik,     Vindhyanchal

We promote a healthy, competitive spirit in a variety of activities that connect our students across all year groups. We organise inter-house competitions to encourage teamwork among students and then select our school representatives for district, state or national level events.

The hostel wing has a capacity to accommodate 150 students. The students are placed in different dormitories according to their age. A trained Matron/Warden is in charge of the respective dormitories. They ensure that the dormitories are kept clean and the children are well taken care of. The Matron/Warden supervises the daily activities of the children in their respective dormitories.

Dinning Hall

Our dining hall is an airy and spacious building. It is run in one single shift to instil a sense of brotherhood and dissipate the difference between juniors and seniors. NHA provides the boys and staff with the three main meals of the day, as well as break snacks during the day. The School kitchen serves hygienically cooked meals and wholesome snacks and is actively supervised by the catering manager.

House Keeping

Although the helping staff is there to look after the needs of younger students but gradually the habit of self help is developed in the child.


Each child has to put in stipulated time of extra studies in the evening under the supervision of the tutor. Subject teachers are also on duty to help the child in case of difficulty.

Remedial Classes

Remedial Classes are given after lunch to all the students who are determined on improving their basics. Weak students get subject wise tuition without giving burden to the parents in the fees.

Campus Security

The campus is patrolled by guards round the clock. The School campus is under CCTV supervision.  Every individual including staff has to go through a Standard Security Check Procedure while entering or exiting through the Main Gate.