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Naseeba Hill Academy is a residential school for boys, in Dehradun, India. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas over an area of 5 acres, the school provides excellent grounds and facilities to educate boys. It is an environment rarely offered by schools. Naseeba Hill Academy provides a friendly and supportive environment to recognize the potential of students by combining academics with a variety of extra-curricular activities.



The academy has the motto “Grow Tall” like a Sal Tree and be beneficial to the society and the country they belong to. The Management aims to develop Naseeba Hill Academy into a vibrant and exemplary educational institution where students are nurtured and encouraged to achieve their ultimate potential. Naseeba Hill Academy will create an all inclusive, student focused learning environment, by providing opportunities for enrichment in the fields of academics, sports and fine art.

Vision and Mission

Naseeba Hill Academy aims at providing a positive learning environment, which encourages and empowers all its students to have a deep sense of responsibility. We aim to provide a high quality standard of education to students from all backgrounds despite their financial challenges.

The school wants to inculcate a sense of justice, an abiding belief in honesty and integrity in all its members. NHA wants to prepare students in all aspects, cultural and sporting, and in inculcating the value of sharing, cooperation and camaraderie.

We aspire to turn out individuals who are varied in their interests, are excited about the pursuit of knowledge, have a broad world-view, and are motivated to work hard in whatever they may choose to do. The school also believes in strong Indian tradition and an emphasis on morality, good manners and respect for elders. The management visualizes an education system which will foster independent thinking, experimentation, universal values and service to humanity within a safe and nurturing environment.

To build character nobility and spirituality through value based education by comprehensive all around evolution.

  • To develop religious harmony
  • To strike a balance between spirituality and modernity.

Academic Integrity

NHA students have an obligation to fulfill the responsibilities of their particular roles as members of an academic community. They are expected to be honest and forthright in their endeavours. Academic integrity is both highly valued and expected.

We believe that the faculties of academy have a responsibility to:

  • teach its students to function with academic integrity;
  • ensure students’ understanding of academic integrity is enduring and prepares them for future academic success;
  • Ensure our new boys are abreast of the expectations and skills required at the grade level they are entering.